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Application Instructions for Infertility Medications

Below is information on how to use some of the currently prescribed infertility medications.

For each medication, there is a set of instructions that outlines how to administer the medication. This might include giving yourself an injection, or applying some type of gel.

You can print out each instruction sheet, as needed. For some of the more commonly used drugs, you will also find additional prescribing information.  Also, be sure to see the online video injection instructions below.

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Medication with Application Instructions (click on link)

Brand Name Generic Name Type*
Bravelle urofollitropin IM or SC
Cetrotide cetrorelix acetate SC
Follistim-AQ Cartridge /Follistim PenTM follitropin beta for injection
Ganirelix Acetate ganirelix acetate SC
Gonal-F Multi-Dose follitropin alfa SC
Gonal-F RFF Pen follitropin alfa SC
Lupron leuprolide acetate SC
Luveris lutropin alfa SC
Menopur menotropins for injections SC
Novarel chorionic gonadotropin IM
Ovidrel choriogonadotropin alfa SC
Pregnyl® human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) IM
Progesterone Generic progesterone IM
Progesterone Vaginal   IVa
Repronex Menotropin SC


* Key
IM = Intramuscular Injection (into a muscle)
SC = Subcutaneous Injection (under the skin)
IVa = Intravaginally (placed into the vagina)

Injection Instructions - The Basics

Below are instructions on how to give yourself, or have your partner administer, an injection. Please be aware that some of these instructions may vary slightly based upon your particular situation or preference.

Our staff will train you on how to administer the injections. It is important that you feel comfortable with these procedures. Please ask questions or share your concerns with us.

Online Video Injection Instructions

Injection Training Guides & Videos - this page contains step-by-step injection training videos, and downloadable PDF file, to help you or your partner administer medications with confidence.

Intra-muscular injections

  Video - how to give intramuscular injections   (1 min. 27 sec.)



Intra-muscular injections

  Video - how to give subcutaneous injections   (1 min. 13 sec.)



Instructional Videos for the Follistim® AQ Cartridge - as of 9/23/16, this page is not currently available


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